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When Viktor, project manager at Francks Kylindustri, received an inquiry from retailer ICA in Södertälje about a sustainable solution for their chillers, he asked us to help him.




Modular units that can be easily upgraded



Viktor Jonsson is projects manager at Francks Kylindustri, which installs cooling and heat pump solutions for companies in many different industries. When an ICA store in Södertälje needed to replace its refrigeration plant, they looked around for a sustainable, natural refrigerant solution that was also energy efficient. That’s when Viktor contacted us.
“More customers are demanding natural refrigerants and switching to sustainable alternatives for their refrigeration and heat pumps. Enrad has advanced furthest in Sweden in this, which is why I contacted them.”



Viktor predicts that within 10 years all ICA stores will have replaced their old units with new, sustainable units that use natural refrigerants.

–According to the new EU directive, we must be ready by 2030 by which time all old units must be replaced by plants that use natural refrigerants. At ICA, 9 out of 10 stores have policies that require low GWP values and where a certain limit may not be exceeded.

If you’d like to learn more about natural refrigerants and the EU directive, read about it here.

Enrad has advanced furthest and is best in Sweden when it comes to sustainable solutions. While they may be a tad more expensive than other solutions, the best always costs more. And at the end of the day, the most sustainable alternative always mean savings.

Viktor Jonsson



ICA contacted Viktor in the spring when it was already hot outside and they needed a solution for their refrigeration unit fast. Because all of our manufacturing takes place in Sweden, we’re able to deliver quickly and flexibly.

–I’ve never experienced such a smooth installation before. Enrad’s solution eliminates the need to replace as many components. Their new units are compatible with the old units and the parts are easy to replace. It’s really just a matter of connecting the pipes and you’re up and running.

Are you ready to cross the threshold to a climate-neutral society?

Then we’d love to hear from you! It’s natural to have a few questions when replacing something you’re used to with something new. But we’re here to answer all your questions, whether they’re about our products or natural refrigerants in general.

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