Energy efficient solutions for property owners

We need to think about energy efficiency if we are to meet our climate targets. We supply machines that allow you to extract as much heat and cold as possible without the excessive use of electricity.

Frequently asked questions

Are natural refrigerants expensive?

The plant itself is a little more expensive. But over time, efficient energy use and durable units add up to savings for you as a property owner.

Does it suit us?

Use Enrad Select to complete a form with information about your property to get an overview of costs, energy consumption and other stuff you need to know.

Is propane safe?

Propane has long had a reputation as a fire hazard. But with safe handling, our extensive experience and the modern units we use today, it’s a safe alternative.

Natural refrigerants are a topical issue in reality, but it has not yet gone all the way through with consumers. In 2025 and 2030, f-gases will be phased out completely. So buying large facilities that still have to be replaced within a few years is entirely wrong.


Compact Chiller

Liquid cooler unit / Heat pump
Complete system assembly takes up less space

Enrad’s Modular series

Liquid cooler unit / Heat pump
Complete unit with safety equipment

Are you ready to cross the threshold to a climate-neutral society?

Then we’d love to hear from you! It’s natural to have a few questions when replacing something you’re used to with something new. But we’re here to answer all your questions, whether they’re about our products or natural refrigerants in general.

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