A complete cooling and heat pump plant

Enrad’s Modular series is a complete cooling and heat pump plant. When you choose our modular series, you’re choosing sustainability when it comes to energy efficiency, climate and quality. It’s one of the most important things you can do for our planet.

Design and read everything about our units in Enrad Select

In enrad select you can: 
  1. Use our calculation program for predictive work on cooling and heating systems
  2. Dimension heat pumps and chillers
  3. Find all documentation on our units
  4. Learn more about installation and startup
  5. Watch educational videos on how to set up and test the gas detector e.g
  6. Dimension pipes and ventilation







What you need to know about Enrad’s Modular series

  • The units come with safety equipment
  • The modular units can be connected in parallel with multiple modules of the same size for the desired total output.
  • Available in temperatures:
    Intermediate: -4 to -8
    High: 7-12
    Heat pump: 50-60
  • Available in 4 sizes from 60 kW to 125 kW in cooling output and 80 kW to 135 kW in heating output.
  • Control, converter and electrical connectors isolated from refrigerant circuit
  • Equipped with a digital monitoring system with an online support capability.
  • Easy to place with pallet lift.
  • Control developed with Carel
  • Very low filling quantity means very low CO2e values (maximum 4.3 kg R290).
  • Eco-friendly natural refrigerant with very low GWP values

Easy installation

Because it’s designed to fit both new and older plants, Enrad’s modular series is easy to install. A total of 12 modules may be connected to a single master cabinet using ready-made 30 cm long pipes.

A safe choice

Enrad’s Modules come fully equipped with high pressure protection via a pressure switch and safety valve. It also has a built-in gas alarm that enables you to command the ventilation fan to full speed if necessary.

How our solutions work

Enrad has advanced furthest and is best in Sweden when it comes to sustainable solutions with natural refrigerants.

Viktor Jonsson, project manager at Francks kylindustri

Not sure if Enrad’s module series is suitable for you?

You’re always welcome to contact us with your questions, and we’re always happy to help.

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